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Replacement Parts
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Filler Spout.......$6.35 Buy - Add to Cart
Funnel..............$7.50 Buy - Add to Cart
Wickholder........$6.95 Buy - Add to Cart
Wick..................$5.20/ft Buy - Add to Cart



For 6" Lamp.......$9.50 Buy - Add to Cart
For 9" Lamp.......$9.50 Buy - Add to Cart
For 12" Lamp.....$9.50 Buy - Add to Cart
For 15" Lamp.....$9.50 Buy - Add to Cart


Filler Spout, Wickholder, Wick and Funnel
Filler Spout, Wickholder, Wick & Funnel


Wickholder Packet
Wickholder Packet (Includes wickholder and two pieces of wick)


Wolfard’s Fillerspouts are designed specifically for filling your oil lamp. They screw onto the top of most one-quart bottles and the flexible tip slips into the reservoir opening of your oil lamp or candle, making filling easier and more convenient.

Wolfard’s Funnels come with flexible tubing that slips into the opening of the oil reservoir and makes filling easier and trouble-free.

Glass Wickholders fit into the top of the oil reservoir of your Wolfard Lamp and hold the wick in place. They come in one size and fit all styles and sizes of oil lamps.

Wolfard’s Cotton Wick has been used in Wolfard lamps for over 30 years. You can purchase wick by the foot or in the wickholder packet.

Wickholder Packets include a glass wickholder and two pieces of wick. The wickholder packet comes in four different sizes and the wick is cut specifically to fit the size of your oil lamp reservoir.